Purdue Engineering

I was admitted to the Purdue University Engineering honors program and I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.  One of my greatest accomplishments occured as a result of Purdue.  I talked my way into what equates to a full scholarship through changing my high school schedule for a morning “study hall”.  I proceeded to the counselor’s office every single day, for several weeks, calling Purdue financial aid.  After a few weeks of this, I made my way to leadership at Purdue financial aid, and gave my case.  Lucky for me, I was a class president at an amazing magnet school, won silver and bronze medals in a national academic competition involving over 26,000 students at the time, took multiple AP courses, and could have technically graduated a year early.  I knew I had the goods, but I was lucky & blessed to convince Purdue to give me a shot.  I exceptionally proud to have made as much as I could out of the opportunity.