In 2012, I started PurchaseBlack, an ecommerce platform filled with exceptionally high quality Black owned businesses selling their product in one place online.  The goal of the business was to grow Black companies, because research showed that Black Americans are philanthropic and want to care for the community.  My hope was that change could come organically in communities nationwide if Black business owners in those communities are able to experience incremental revenue growth.  The model actually works, however, I decided to stop operating the company.  I found that there were a few issues that made scaling PurchaseBlack more difficult than what was reasonably achievable.  I still own all of the assets.  Possibly, I may re purpose them.  As of now, Purchaseblack serves an an amazing experience that has exposed me to hundreds, if not thousands of Black companies & business people.  I am still growing from the knowledge gained during my time as CEO of PurchaseBlack.