BAE Systems

Engineering at BAE Systems was an exceptionally diverse professional experience.  I experienced two promotions in 6 months, was offered to double my salary & pay for my graduate studies, and was responsible for a 55 person team of employees.  So I apportioned managers, created KPI-based assignments, and gave our managers the empowerment and freedom to make decisions and course-correct on their own from a place of trust.  Under my guidance, we completed multiple lean-manufacturing & 6 sigma base projects, enabling us to engage in the fundamental variation elimination process.  I also created a decentralized reporting mechanism for real-time reporting on production progress such that my manager could see the status of our production from anywhere on our network.  My boss’ boss asked him “Why aren’t we doing this everywhere onsite?”   One of the highlights of my time there.  The best part was building vehicles to protect U.S. soldiers deployed to some of the most dangerous places on earth.  Contributing to protecting and serving our soldiers was the absolute highest honor I could ask for.  My job was mission critical in multiple ways, and the pressure to perform is sky high.  I am happy to have contributed something for our soldiers.