We work in WordPress to build websites that are quick, easier to maintain, reliable, and flexible.  We ensure that your site will fit on any screen, including mobile devices, and we like to build them very quickly.  

Contact us when you are ready to work!  We dislike the back and fourth of endless emails and phone calls.  We’d rather make a 10 day project with you and get it done.  



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We DO NOT build your website FOR you.  We build your website WITH YOU, meaning if you don’t know what words and images go on your pages, your website will be built slower.  If you do not have specific non-subjective feedback, we can’t work on fixing your site.  

For example, non-subjective feedback could be “change the background color on the about us page from green to blue” and subjective feedback could be “I don’t like the background color on the about us page”

The subjective feedback does not tell us what to do or how to fix it, it simply says that something isn’t liked, which isn’t useful nor does it help your site get built. Have specific, pointed directions that say what to actually do, rather than express opinion or feelings about the website.  My goal is to get your website built, and with your specific direction, that is what we will achieve.  The faster, the better, and that requires dedication from you.  Again, we don’t make your website FOR YOU, we make it WITH YOU.