Small Business Ideas & Resources

So, you are starting an online business.  Maybe you are going to sell services, classes, blogging, products, or maybe something else.  At any rate, before you get going, you are going to need a few things prepared to make the most of your efforts.  Here, Im going to give you some of the resources I have come across over time that may help you get going on the right foot!


Create a Social Media Strategy


Social media is where conversations are happening online.  People are voicing themselves about everything from what they ate today, to how they feel about politics, to what their ambitions are in life.  These conversations are a marketer’s dream, because it helps you understand your customer deeply, and equips you with the data to talk to them the way they want to be talked to.


Create a Traffic Generation Strategy


Generating traffic is not easy.  How will people know about your website?  Will they remember to come back?  Will they share and tell their friends?  Generating traffic takes a strategic approach, combining tools, advertising, content, SEO, and more to make sure your website stays top-of-mind for the customers you are interested in.  Marketing tools like,,, and many others can help you understand the relationship between your effort and your return.  Other traffic generation tools like and others can bring you a set of initial traffic so that you can grow!  But don’t believe for a moment that it is that easy!  Getting traffic is tough, but keeping traffic growing can be even more difficult.


Create a Content Strategy


People love content!  Generating engaging, useful content that is not only interesting but informative is one of the best ways to get people coming back to your website for more!  To do it at the highest level, you need a content strategy.  When will you create content?  When will it post?  How can you make sure that your loyal readers know that there is new content for them to check out?  Creating a content calendar, complete with subject matter, promotion plans, and release channels, may be one of the best ways to ensure that your content gets the attention that it deserves.


Create Internal Processes to Support Your Goals


All of this is only as good as your ability to manage it all.  How will your internal processes support the content strategy, social media strategy, and traffic growth strategy that you create?  Do you have the right team members?  Do you have the right tools to make your job fast, efficient, accurate, and simple?  How can you get your hands on the kind of tools that could make those things happen?  Thinking through the supporting elements of your strategies can help you avoid headaches later, and get your results now!


All in all, an online business is not simple, takes a lot of work, and can be really lucrative once you have all of your ducks in a row!  Be sure to explore these tools and others to find what makes sense for your company!  What tools do you recommend?