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PURCHASEBLACK.COM HAS CLOSED – THE TRUTH ABOUT BLACK OWNED BUSINESS, a curated online marketplace and mobile app selling products from exceptional Black owned businesses, has decided to stop operations and close.  Founder Brian AM Williams has a full heartfelt explanation for the closure, items inspired by “Blessed”, as well as an ebook of over 700 online Black owned product businesses for sale on the Read more »

Small Business Ideas & Resources

So, you are starting an online business.  Maybe you are going to sell services, classes, blogging, products, or maybe something else.  At any rate, before you get going, you are going to need a few things prepared to make the most of your efforts.  Here, Im going to give you some of the resources I Read more »

2016 Guide to Manhood

2016 is afoot.  Be a man, build your manhood.  Here’s what you do.   Presentation Buy another suit.  Bespoke, or at least fitted to your 2016 you.  If you don’t know your measurements, you’re 25.  Hit the clothier & handle it. Cheat your wrists out of half an inch of your shirt.  Stretch your arm Read more »

How Wide is Your Horizon – Be Amazing by Choice

In my website, I say that the greatest crime a person can commit against themselves is not living up to their own full potential.  I believe this because each person is talented in a special way.  Every person has something about them that is extraordinary, however many people have been convinced that having an extraordinary Read more »

Optimize with Simplicity – How to Impact Customers Instantly

I am an engineer. From Purdue University. So Im a pretty good one! However, thinking like “an engineer” isn’t always an advantage for a series of reasons. As a technical person, I tend to think the wrong way about how to instantly grab a potential customer’s attention. The key is, it has to be simple! Read more »

Black Enterprise Modern Man – I Love It!

Black Enterprise, the premier African American business publication, has decided to engage a project called “BE Modern Man“. I absolutely love it. Frustrated with the incomplete, skewed, and outright false perceptions of Black men, Black Enterprise has decided to take matters into its own hands, and create the perception that is closer to the reality Read more »