2016 Guide to Manhood

2016 is afoot.  Be a man, build your manhood.  Here’s what you do.



Buy another suit.  Bespoke, or at least fitted to your 2016 you.  If you don’t know your measurements, you’re 25.  Hit the clothier & handle it.

Cheat your wrists out of half an inch of your shirt.  Stretch your arm out, and your shirt should stop right before your wrist curves to your hand.  If it doesn’t, see the last rule and buy shirts with it.

Have these shoes:  Wingtips in brown, leather single or double monkstrap blacks, cap toes in black, black or brown leather boots (single cut), brogues, and something flashy.  Stay away from exotic leathers, they are try-hard.

Do your nails.  Cut them, clean them, file them, buff them, shine them.  If not, pay someone else to do them for you.  The details matter.

Grow a beard.  If you can’t, I forgive you.

Be active.  Apart of being a complete man is being in some form of shape, excluding round.  You find time for the other bull that doesn’t help you.  No excuses.




If you drink, know something about your drink type.  Bourbon , Vodka, Rum, Scotch, or whatever it is, have a reason you drink it.

Have a wine preference.  More than simply red or white.  Know a grape, a region, or a flavor profile.  If you believe Moscato is a wine, try hard to ensure nobody knows that about you.

Bring gifts to your friends parties.  Seriously.

Listen to a genre of music you know nothing about.  Find the leaders in that space, and give them an honest go.

Put your phone on silent, in your jacket pocket.  Leave it there.  You use it too much.

Have at least 3 go-to places for fun, drinks, food with friends or ladies.  Know what’s good at each place.

Don’t be easily offended.  Disagree gracefully.

If you don’t know what you are talking about, stop talking.  Better still, don’t start talking.

Use good language.  Word choice is a reflection of both effort and intelligence.  Foul words lose their value the more you use them.  Try.

In informal situations, be nicer to women than they expect.  Don’t flirt.  Be a gentlemen.  They’ll appreciate it.

If you are a regular smoker, quit.  Smoke socially in moderation or not at all.  Its 2016.  Let it go.

Be either intentionally in a relationship, or intentionally single.  No limbo.  Make a decision.




Take chances confidently.  Even if you are wrong, you will maintain respect.

Have goals that are bigger than you.  Stand for something aspirational.

Believe in something important.  A man without some form of conviction is a shadow of what he could be.

Don’t take any shit.  Be respectful, yet firm with those trying to give you any.

Have a good grip when you shake hands.  It’s a sign of both strength and respect.

Overdress, but just slightly.  How you look reflects who you are.  You will stand out to those who are wise enough to notice, vis-a-vie, the people who matter.

Make eye contact.




She’s not going to tell you what she wants.  So pay attention to her, and you will realize, she actually is telling you what she wants.

On a date, if she holds quiet eye contact with a slight smile for too long, she wants you to kiss her.  Do it.

Tell her how you feel.  If you are afraid of your emotions at this age, you are under-developed as a man.  Work on that.

Talk to her like a normal person.  If you are thinking of “what to say” to a woman, you are doing it wrong.  She’s heard whatever you think is clever.  Be authentic.

In formal situations or business, treat women exactly the same as you treat men.  Exactly the same.

If she doesn’t show interest in a few moments, leave.  Interest is a reaction, not a decision.

Make it easy for her to remember why she chose you.  If shes good, she’ll do the same.