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Brian A.M. Williams

Business Man | Dreamer | Visionary


Who Is Brian AM Williams

I believe that the greatest crime one can commit against oneself is not living up to one's full potential. I work hard daily to earn success and live at the edge of my ability. I set goals that can only be described as dreams, and ambit towards outcomes that are visionary. I am an Engineer, a Data Analyst, a Web Developer, a Speaker, a voice on Black business, an Entrepreneur, a Business Man, a Dreamer, and a Visionary.


My Experiences

From the neighborhood I grew up in, to the accomplishments that I claim, my experiences are diverse. I have been a licensed stock broker, insurance agent, engineer, financial advisor, entrepreneur/freelancer, project manager, consultant, start-up/venture capital analyst, and more. Let's look at my experiences!

Keynote Speaker / Panelist / Author


I have appeared on News One Now with Roland Martin, and have written for UrbanCusp.com. I have served as a keynote speaker in several high profile events in Texas and Washington DC. I have been a panelist during several events related to African American's in business, Blacks in technology, and being Black in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. My varied experiences allow intelligent discourse in a variety of subjects.

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Purchase Black LLC


2012 -
PurchaseBlack.com is an ecommerce platform where businesses focused on African American products can sell their items, similar to Etsy or Amazon Marketplace. It is the best platform available online to support Black businesses and find high quality products online.
Rising Genius


2014 -
Rising Genius is a learning management system where users engage in self-paced courses in subjects taught by experts. The video-based courses are meant to help users Learn Gloriously to reach their goals in areas that help improve lives. Instructors can sign up to sell knowledge, and students can sign up to learn.


2015 -
PitchProof.com is a business education website that teaches entrepreneurs how to turn their business pitch into a championship winning performance for competitive prizes or investments.
Accenture Management Consulting


2013 - 2015
Accenture is a world leading consultancy major clients in public and private industry worldwide. As a management consultant, I delivered solutions to some of our clients toughest concerns. I lead a team to deliver solutions in a project I designed and managed, which ``stunned`` our client. When the issues are difficult, I find answers.


Education - What I've Learned

My education starts and continues with real life experience, with periods of formal education in between. Combined, these things have given me the advantages to think faster, dream higher, and process more precisely the opportunities I have, and have yet to discover. Beginning in my grandmother's living room and continuing through The University of Texas MBA program, my education is a foundation I strive to build upon.

19th & Wayne

Real Life

1985 -
Lessons I learned about manhood, society, civility, loyalty, respect, drive & ambition all came from my elders, trial & error, and the neighborhoods of Erie, Pennsylvania. This is my first education, the one through which I frame all of the formal lessons I embark. It is important to state, as formal education is meaningless without a framework of reality though which it can be applied.
Purdue University


I attended Purdue University Dean's Engineering Honors Program, and I graduated with my degree in engineering in 2007, with a minor in economics. I learned not only what to think, but also ``how`` to think, including critical thinking, analytical thinking, and to question even the lessons of textbooks for perspective & truth. Engineering is the foundation upon which I build my accomplishments.
The University of Texas - McCombs School of Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2011 - 2013
I attended McCombs School of Business, a top 1% full-time graduate business program. I am a Consortium Fellow & attended on a full tuition fellowship. I am also an MLT Fellow, a MBA Jumpstart-er, and a Venture Fellow. While at Texas, I conducted an independent study on African American business success, where I gained expert knowledge on Black business in America. I continue to speak, write, and act on the subject.


Connect With Me

Valuable relationships are the spice of life, and the foundation of good business people. Let's talk. Here are the best ways to reach me for speaking engagements, consulting, or partnerships. I hope to hear from you!

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Brian A.M. Williams
Washington, DC, United States.

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